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Publisher review:
Commission Cart - The Next Generation of E-Commerce The only Internet Shopping Cart designed to allow others to earn commissions for promoting your products and services!

Commission Cart™ is the next generation of Internet E-Commerce, boasting not only a full-featured Shopping Cart but one of the most powerful Affiliate programs available.

Commission Cart™ will allow others to sign up to promote and sell your goods and/or services. These "affiliates" earn commission each time someone referred by their advertisements purchases something from your Commission Cart™!

AuthorizeNet and PayPal Payment Integration

Commission Cart is now AuthorizeNet "SIM" Enabled! Use AuthorizeNet's extremely popular system to give your customers REAL-TIME credit card transactions!

Your web server must have an SSL certificate to provide secure transmission of credit card numbers from your server to the Authorizenet web servers. Most web servers offer their customers used of a "shared" SSL certificate at no additional charge. Contact your web host to inquire about their services.

PayPal users receive the benefit of not requiring a credit card in order to be able to place a transaction, and have well over 11 million members!

- HTML Shopping Cart for easy setup
- Set individual or blanket commission rates
- UNIX and NT server (Yes, even on IIs!)
- Affiliate Sign Up
- Instant Approval or Admin Approval
- Admin can edit affiliate information
- All outgoing emails are customizable by Admin
- Individual affiliate codes given. Add them to Search Engines, emails, web pages, etc.
- Track your Affiliate sales with Cookies OR without! IP tracking to ensure proper sale referrals.
- Logs "Unique" and "Non-Unique" clicks from Affiliate advertisements, to track individual users or repeat visits.
- Admin chooses how long between clicks before click can count as a "Unique" click
- Admin chooses how long a Cookie will remain valid to give a referring affiliate a sales commission.
- Affiliates can track their sales and clicks from their own Affiliate Statistics access, including their paid and unpaid commissions
- Affiliates automatically emailed with details of each sale they referred
- Administrator can "block" affiliate links that are not desired. Links can be turned off and on in the Administration Panel.
- Block entire domains that may be abusing your Commission Cart™ program.
- File Locking to ensure database integrity.
- Admin chooses what commission level must be earned before payment is made
- Admin may set "Payment Reminders" themselves that automatically email Admin when its time to pay a particular affiliate.
- Commission Cart™ gives you the ability to select, view, edit, and approve multiple affiliate statistics at one time.
- Commission Cart™ tracks the percentage of sales made from Unique clicks.
- Detailed affiliate payment information, including each payment date and amount.
- Detailed Transaction Logs, to keep track of each sale, including affiliate account information and commissions earned.
- Oh yes.. Commission Cart™ works perfectly without any affiliates referring customers, in case you can get a few of your own.
- Search affiliates by Username, First Name, or Last Name.
- Mass Mail all affiliates from your Administration Panel.
- Shows your customers their running total at all times.
- Real-time credit card processing with two of the leaders in the industry, and PayPal
- Enhanced Secure Server ordering. Secure Header and Secure Footer files to maintain a secure transaction for your customers.
- Optional Minimum Purchase Amount before checking out.
- Optional Minimum Number of Sales from affiliate before affiliate starts earning commissions.
- Sales Tax charged from your own state only.
- Optional setting to charge for tax on shipping charges (required in some states).
- Shipping Charges added, optionally. Both domestic and foreign.
- Major Credit Card account number checking, to protect against fraudulent input.
- Additional confirmation screen, to ensure proper information input by your customers.
- Enhanced Authorizenet capabilities. Seamless transactions, so your customers will never know they had been sent to a third-party to confirm their credit card.
- Currency modifications. Currency is easily modified in the configuration file.
- Affiliate Redirection - allows your affiliates to redirect the users directly to the web page that they wish. No longer limited to only the mainshoppingurl.
- HTML installer/upgrader - Commission Cart now installs from your web browser! No more configuration files to edit, no directories to create or set permissions on, ever again!
- Upgrade to future releases by uploading the new files, pressing "Install/Upgrade" on your installation browser screen, and viola! You've been upgraded!
- New Context-Sensitive Help menus. No more searching through the tutorial trying to hunt down what the Path to Perl is. Commission Cart 2.0 offers context-sensitive help menus right next to the item in question.
- New/Powerful "Session Management" system, improving the security of your administration of Commission Cart.
- Database Driven - Add your products/services through your administration panel! Commission Cart 2.0 will build your product web pages at the push of a button. We provide you with a template which you can edit to suit your needs and customize to match your existing website. Build thousands of web pages in seconds!
- New "Category Listing" index pages. Using the new category listing system, you can designate each product in a category of your choice. At the push of a button, Commission Cart 2.0 will build indexes of your products/services including thumbnail graphics, brief descriptions, price, and a link to the actual product page. All built from templates your provide (one default template available so you don't need to make any if you choose not to).
- Delete unecessary files at the push of a button. Commission Cart 2.0 offers the ability to clean out unecessary temporary files created while tracking customer and affiliate traffic.
- "Ship To" fields in the order form, for those of you that have products that have customers that require your products shipped to another location.
- Countless minor improvements, oversight fixes, and several speed enhancements.
Requirements: · • Web server account that has CGI capabilities · • Perl 5 installed on that web server. Contact your server administrator if you are unsure. · • Single server transactions - Secure server on same machine (if providing online payment options) In order to keep your customers credit card information secure, the secure server certificate must be installed on the same machine as the program. Contact
Commission Cart 2.06.02 is a PHP script for Shopping Carts scripts design by Site interactive. It runs on following operating system: Windows / Linux / BSD.

Operating system:
Windows / Linux / BSD

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